Why Americans Fail At Energy Conservation


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Why Americans Fail At Energy Conservation

Posted by admin on Monday 10 June 2013

While there is a great deal of increased awareness on energy conservation on the part of many Americans, not very many people conserve very much. The reason for this is often lifestyle. Americans love large home and they like to drive big cars. Large homes means huge utility bills. SUVs and sports cars mean far more gasoline consumption that other vehicles. Many of those homes are in the suburbs which means long (gasoline consuming) commutes to work.

Americans also have a huge love for technology. Buying technological devices means further electricity consumption which leads to fuel and petroleum depletion. Plastic is a major component in technological devices. Again, the more petroleum that is used, the less conservation will be possible. Americans also like to own the newest technological devices. Yes, that means more depletion of natural resources.

American might very well become involved with recycling and going green in other ways. However, many of these steps are completely undermined by their actions in other areas of life. Will Americans ever change their behavior and start conserving more energy? It is doubtful. Americans like their lifestyle and will likely only modify it slightly at most. The only way this will change would be if energy consumption became too costly.What’s 1 more click? Your boss isn’t watching… Green Article : Conserve Energy. Please do it.

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