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Earthquakes and Fracking: Are They Related?

Posted by admin on Sunday 7 April 2013

Fracking is the latest trend in the energy industry, but studies are showing that it may have more impact on the environment than originally thought. Fracking is the the process of injecting fluid, sand and other material deep into the earth to help fracture rocks, making natural gas easier to find and collect. However, this process may also be contributing to instances of earthquakes in areas where fracking is taking place.

All around the world, researchers have studied earthquakes corresponding with fracking activities. They have found that fracking in Switzerland, Texas More …

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Inexpensive Ways To Go Green In Your Home

Posted by admin on Thursday 4 April 2013

Contrary to popular, going green is not that expensive. One of the simplest, least-expensive things that you can do to go green is drive less. If there are fewer cars on the road, then there will be less air pollution. You should consider carpooling with friends or taking public transportation a couple of days out of the week. You may also want to consider walking to some of your destinations. Driving less will not only reduce air pollution, but it will also help you save money. In fact, families can save over 9,900 a year if they take public transportation. More …

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Could Fossil Fuels Run Out In Our Lifetime?

Posted by admin on Tuesday 2 April 2013

The current energy crisis has raised many important questions about the sustainability of conventional fuel sources. Fossil fuels, like coal and oil, are not infinite, and the increasing demand for these resources that has resulted from growing populations and more widespread industrialization has resulted in a number of very serious economic and environmental concerns. Developing new technology and the next-generation alternative energy solutions that will be needed to create a greener and more sustainable future will be an essential part of any More …

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